Cathedral Preparatory School
Villa Maria Academy

Outreach Day 2019

The students, faculty, and staff of Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy spent Wednesday, May 1, 2019 out in the community donating their time to over 40 organizations. The students were broken up into various groups and spread out across Erie County to put their faith into practice.

The volunteer work included everything from cleaning the beaches of Presque Isle, assisting students at St. George and St. Jude Schools, volunteering at the PA Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Home, cleaning at St. Patrick’s Food Pantry, cleaning at Erie’s public parks and cleaning at the Erie Art Museum & Erie Playhouse. The students did an excellent job at each location and achieved their ultimate goals of service, gratitude and being positive role models.

We thank all the organizations for their hard work and allowing Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy a chance to make an impact in the Erie community.