Cathedral Preparatory School
Villa Maria Academy

Community Service

The Theology Department of Cathedral Preparatory School espouse the philosophy that community is the heart of Catholic education.  This philosophy is not simply a concept to be taught but rather a reality to be lived.  Based on the principle of solidarity, God calls all persons to build community in all areas of life.  Education can best assist students respond to God’s call by allowing students to experience community and reflect on its importance through service.

Eucharist is especially able to foster community in that it is at once a sign of community and the cause of its growth.  Therefore, the integral task of Catholic education should be to create readiness for growth in community through worship and participation in the events of daily life.  Catholic educators should strive to generate community within their own programs and institutions.

Community service refers to work people do whereby they learn the needs of the community and sacrifice their time to meet those needs through personal contact or advocacy without pay or other compensation.