On Friday, August 12, 1921, Bishop John Mark Gannon summoned the pastors of Erie’s twelve parishes to meet for the purpose of discussing the “lack of Catholic education for high school boys in the city.” “Many Catholics,” he claimed, “although highly intelligent and deserving, were denied the chance to receive a preparatory education because they were poor.” His goal was to establish a school that “provided the moral, intellectual, social, and physical training designed to prepare (men) to live in our democratic society…” thus, the Cathedral Preparatory School for Boys was established in the fall of 1921. The location of the new school was in the hastily remodeled basement of St. Peter’s Cathedral. The faculty consisted of four priests and one layperson. Tuition was $50 and paid for by the students’ parishes. In 1925, the first graduation class of 43 men became alumni.

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