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Athletic Eligibility Regulations

  • Villa Maria recognizes the importance of academics above all else in the high school experience. Our academic regulations are more rigid than those required by PIAA. Each student-athlete will be monitored as to her academic progress. This will be done via our computer system which tracks student failures through their teachers.
  • Teachers will rate each student-athlete on his/her ACADEMIC WORK ONLY, by marking him/her as PASS or FAIL.
  • Eligibility checks will take place on Wednesdays unless otherwise indicated in an announcement or notification.
  • If a student-athlete’s work is rated as UNSATISFACTORY (two or more failures), she will have until the following Monday (five days) to satisfy any deficiencies.
  • Two FAILING marks shall render a student-athlete INELIGIBLE for that WEEK’S competition, no matter how many or how few events/games she has scheduled.
  • Once a student-athlete is rendered ineligible, she may not participate in a game under ANY circumstances. A student may continue to practice at the head coaches' discretion, but may not participate or even dress for any contest.
  • In order to regain eligibility, the student-athlete must raise the deficient grades by the following Monday. A separate sheet will be given to the student for him/her to have signed by his teachers to track her progress.
  • Failure to return this sheet to the athletic office by that Monday at 3:30pm will result in an automatic two-week suspension from the sport.
  • Quarter grades, following established PIAA guidelines, shall determine participation after their monitoring periods.

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