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Campus Ministry

Philosophy of Department

The Theology Department seeks to create a school community enlivened by the Gospel spirit of freedom and charity. The experience of this Christian community is most appropriately and naturally leading to persons of conviction and service. Through catechesis, the students and faculty are encouraged and motivated to model Jesus’ life of faith, love and service.

With faculty acting as a visible manifestation of the professed faith and Christian witness, students are encouraged to internalize these values. In addition, students are invited to share in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church.

  • Classroom instruction focuses on the basic beliefs, morals, and values of the Catholic church;
  • The pedagogy encourages student discussion, individual and group projects and interaction whereby analysis and critical thinking will occur;
  • Through the involvement of support personnel and diocesan resource persons and inter-faith organizations, classroom instruction is reinforced.


  • To teach and implement the doctrines and principles of the Catholic Church in light of the Second Vatican council and Post-Councilor teachings by the Magisterium.
  • To foster an authentic personal relationship with Christ.
  • To further a genuine Christian understanding of life.
  • To encourage and teach an appreciation of the meaning of the liturgy of the Church.
  • To encourage participation in the liturgical expression of the Church.
  • To enable the student to appreciate and understand Sacred Scripture.
  • To help the student to understand and personally integrate the Christian way of life.

The Class of 2018 gave 16,860 hours of their time to community service.

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