Academic Sports League

Academic Sports League team members study the materials assigned by the Academic Decathlon committee for the year's competitions--there is a different theme each year, covering Art, Music and Literature: Social Studies; Economics; Science and Mathematics; and Super Quiz. There are three local competitions with tests on the materials, as well as components for personal interview and speech. All students are welcome to join.

Campus Ministry

The Campus Ministry of Cathedral Prep aims to bring students to a closer relationship with Jesus Christ through opportunities for prayer, community, and service.

Cyber Patriot


The debate team combines research and communication skills with strategic argumentation over government actions. The team competes locally, regionally, and nationally at little cost to the students. Competitive debate has been recognized as one of the most valuable activities that high school students can do, with educational benefits that cut across classroom subjects and generate skills necessary for a post-secondary education.


Drum Line is an extracurricular ensemble that performs at all football home games and many other community events.

Engineering & Robotics

French Club

The French club is designed to bring elements of French culture to our school environment. In addition, it offers its participants a chance to travel to Europe every other year, which is an activity shared with Villa Maria Academy.

German Club

The German Club exists for all German students who are interested in some kind of activity outside of the classroom. In prior years the German club played football, volleyball, and chess against other language clubs.

Key Club

The Key Club is a community outreach organization that is dedicated to help make our school and community a better place. We are dedicated to helping local various organizations and running various fundraisers and the annual Christmas Meal for the Hungry which feeds hundreds of local families.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a national organization which recognizes outstanding scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Students who meet the rigorous standards are offered membership during their junior year.

NHS selection procedure

Membership in the National Honor Society is a privilege, not a right. Students do not apply for membership in the National Honor Society; rather, they provide information to be used by the National Honor Society Faculty Council to support their candidacy for membership. Selection to the National Honor Society is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, character and service.

During the third quarter, sophomores and juniors attaining a cumulative GPA of 4.0 receive a letter regarding their scholastic eligibility for membership. There will be a mandatory meeting for all students who received a letter. At the meeting, students will receive a Student Activity Form that must be submitted by the deadline; they will also receive guided instruction on how to complete these forms. No forms will be accepted after the deadline.

Faculty and administration evaluate students on their service, character and leadership, and the National Honor Society Faculty Council will review all evaluations and select students for membership. Membership in National Honor Society is not automatically granted to all students with academic eligibility. Faculty Council also considers students’ disciplinary and attendance records. The components of leadership, character and service are equally important.

Students will be notified by mail of the selection decision. Students who are selected to National Honor Society will receive information about the induction ceremony and the obligations of membership in NHS. Students not selected, will also be notified by mail.

Peer Tutoring

The Peer Tutoring Program is designed to help those students who are having difficulties in a course because of a particularly challenging subject matter, gaps in their preparation, loss of time due to illness, or other factors. Peer tutors are students (10-12) who have performed well in specific courses and who have been trained in tutoring policies and techniques. Our peer-tutoring program is available to all students. It is run after school.

Rally Crew

Rambler News Club

The “Rambler News Club" is in charge of the morning announcements. We keep the basic format of the newscast current. This includes, but is not limited to, changing video content, making supers, making graphics, updating equipment and training people to participate in the morning newscast.


SADD Club educates students against destructive decisions like unsafe driving, drinking, smoking, and drug abuse through activities and awareness.

Ski Club

The VMA and Cathedral Prep Ski club meets every Friday night during the months of January and February. We take a bus to Peek 'N' Peak to ski. We also organize a ski trip to Vermont each year usually over President's weekend. It is a 3 day trip in which the club skis 2 days.

Stage Crew

The stage crew is responsible for the lighting and sound for all events in the auditorium including plays, musicals and assemblies.

Student Government

Student Government Association promotes learning, spiritual growth, and social responsibility at Prep by bringing students together for specific activities, causes, or interests.

Video Game Club

The Video Game Club is a club that offers one to two video game tournaments per month after school at Prep. Students compete against each other at these tournaments and the winner of each tournament receives a prize. All different genres of games are played at these tournaments: first-person shooters, sports games, fighting games, racing games, etc. There is no cost to the student to be involved in this club
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