Spiritual Development

Mother Teresa Academy exists to seek a Christ-centered academic environment, designed to develop and help each child grow in their faith. With the loving example set by those around them, the children will not only build an understanding of their faith, they will grow in confidence.With faculty acting as a visible manifestation of the professed faith and Christian witness, students are encouraged to internalize these values. In addition, students are invited to share in the liturgical and sacramental life of the Church.

  • Classroom instruction focuses on the belief, morals, values, and the history of the Catholic Church.
  • Weekly Mass encourages the children to participate in and learn about the teachings of the church.
  • Project based education encourages a deeper understanding of a topic. Projects also require each member of a group to work together.

Mother Teresa Academy does not just form our students to know the faith, but also to experience the faith in the community. The students experience God’s love in the context of a Christian community which will appropriately lead students to service. Jesus, in His life, always responded to the needs of other. Each MTA students is taught to conduct his or her life according to Jesus’ model.