Required Volunteer Clearances

We love to have our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. involved at MTA. In order to volunteer in the school, in the cafeteria, or chaperone a field trip, the following paperwork is required. All of the required forms/clearances are listed below. Parents interested in volunteering for any school activity must complete all clearances below. If you are unsure of the clearances you already have, you can contact the school office and we will check for you. 

Read the Policy for the Protection for Children (only needs to be done once)

Complete the Diocesan Statement of Intent for Compliance (only needs to be done once)

Complete the Diocese Application for Adults Working with Children (only needs to be done once)

Mandated Reporter Training (needed every 5 years)

Mandated Reporter Compliance Form (needed every year)

PA State Police Clearance (needed every 5 years)

Child Abuse Clearance (needed every 5 years)

Federal Criminal Record Check (if you have not been a PA resident for the previous 10 years- cost $27)

Diocesan Creating a Safe Environment In-Service (needed every 5 years)

Volunteer Driver is determinate upon how often the person volunteers to drive students. This form is in addition to the above clearances, plus we will need a copy of your auto insurance.