We believe that great schools are guided by faith and values, grounded in rigorous content,
supported by quality professional development, and animated by a clear vision. MTA strives to
be an example of the importance of strengthening and rebuilding urban Catholic schools as
models of academic rigor and transformational change for the communities, students, and
families they serve. We want to be a change agent in our community... not only for the children
we serve, but also their families.

As a 100% philanthropic based missions school, Mother Teresa Academy desires to work with the
local community and business leaders to help shape and enhance the learning of our city’s low-income/ disadvantaged students. It is our goal to ensure we provide a quality education to our
city's most economically disadvantaged families.

The cost to educate each student and the published tuition per student is $5,000. A family’s
individual tuition cost is based on Federal Poverty Guidelines for the Free and Reduced Lunch
Program. Over 90% of our student population receive free or reduced lunch making their tuition
either $250 or $500 PER FAMILY for the school year.

Attending Mother Teresa Academy is an opportunity to attend a school environment that will
provide the support they need. Students who were once a behavioral challenge in school, have
transitioned into formidable students and graduated with strong academic standing from MTA.
The students at Mother Teresa Academy are our future leaders and we want to ensure they
receive the best education possible.

If you are interested in donating to Mother Teresa Academy, please contact Erica Jackson,
Advancement Manager, at (814) 455-0580 or You can also mail
donations to the school at 160 West 11th Street, Erie PA 16501 or complete the online donation
form on this page.

We are both grateful and overwhelmed by the support of all our constituents! MTA’s FIRST GIVING DAY resulted with an astonishing total of:


The best part is that all contributions from this day will be matched, doubling our total.


Thank you …. For supporting the amazing students at Mother Teresa Academy

Thank you….. For believing in the mission of our school

Thank you …..For believing in the power of education

And most importantly Thank you… For your generous spirit.

Receiving a quality education at Mother Teressa Academy provides our students with opportunities they might not otherwise receive. The possibilities are endless for these students.

God Bless! Go Saints!

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