At Mother Teresa Academy, we believe that every student can learn to their maximum potential when they are in a caring, safe, and welcoming environment.   The curriculum at Mother Teresa Academy follows the scope of the Pennsylvania Common Core State Standards and the Diocesan Standards for Religion.  Through both curriculums, students are taught using the grade level standards of what is expected of them by the time they reach the end of the academic school year.   We understand however, that not all children learn the same way or at the same pace.   Children are also taught through differentiated instruction to best meet the educational needs of all students, no matter how great or how small.   

In addition to our academics, Mother Teresa Academy offers a variety of sports for students to participate in.   MTA offers a thriving sports program with 12 different athletics to choose form throughout the school year.  Athletics are not the only talents our children exhibit.  To enhance all the wonderful abilities our students have, MTA provides clubs such as Art Club, Yearbook, Choir, and Student Council. Having the students involved in these extra-curricular activities not only promotes engagement amongst peers, but is an important part of their social and educational growth and development.  

We encourage anyone who is interested in Mother Teresa Academy to reach out and come see firsthand what we are about. Once you enter through our doors, you will see exactly what you want for your child(ren), an environment that they can thrive in not just academically, but spiritually, socially, and emotionally as well. I look forward to having you become a Mother Teresa Academy Saint!

God Bless!