Cathedral Preparatory School
Villa Maria Academy

Villa Maria Academy

The students, faculty, alumni, parents and traditions of Villa Maria Academy
give meaning to our work. Therefore, we commit to the following:


We shall act in a professional manner in all that we do as representatives of
Villa Maria Academy. This shall shine through in every aspect of our work, from
building relationships and welcoming benefactors to planning events and
publications, to completing every task in ways consistent with the very best
of this profession.


We shall enliven all that we do with passion for Villa Maria Academy. We shall
continue to cultivate this passion by understanding the history of the school,
by respecting and responding to the school's Catholic tradition, and by fervently
believing in the school's Mission.


We shall give evidence to the pride that we have in Villa Maria Academy by the manner
in which we carry out all that we do on behalf of the school. This shall be confirmed
in every relationship, event, and the results of our work.


We recognize that the very essence of our work demands the long view. Our work
is truly never done. We commit to persistence in every act until we accomplished
that for which we have set out.


In the end, this is simple. We shall serve Villa Maria Academy, its students, faculty, parents, alumni, and traditions in the very best ways we know how to generate as much financial support for the school as possible.