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Thousands of Cathedral Prep graduates are making significant contributions to our community in a multitude of different professions. Prep grads are heavily involved in the political, educational and economic landscape in the Erie area. As an institution, Cathedral Prep is a critical component to the future success of our region. We must continue to cultivate today the leaders of tomorrow. To do so, we need to ensure that a Prep education is available to every young man...regardless of their financial situation.

Each and every year there are many young men, who because of their family's economic situation, don't even consider an education at Cathedral Prep to be possible. When this happens there are no winners. The young man loses, Prep loses and our community loses. With your help we can create the opportunity for everyone to win. How? Apply to the EITC or OSTC. This is a program that allows you to direct your businesses Pennsylvania taxes to a scholarship fund by receiving tax credits up to 90%. The process is very user friendly, and chances are your accountant is already familiar with the program. This is one of the few opportunities you'll ever have to direct your tax dollars to a specific destination.

Your generous investment is sure to pay dividends that will last a lifetime. Imagine the thousands of lives that will be affected by providing a Prep education for a deserving young man. For more information on the Cathedral Prep Scholarship Fund, please contact Jimmy Smith, Assistant Vice President of Development & Strategic Initiatives, at or (814) 453-7737, Ext. 2294.

Apply to the EITC or OSTC

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