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Eligibility Requirements Participation in athletics at Prep and Villa is a privilege and secondary to a student’s academic progress. As such, all student athletes must abide by the academic requirements and protocol for participation provide by the school.
  • Every student athlete will be monitored for academic progress every two weeks during the season. Eligibility checks will usually take place on Wednesdays.
  • Students will be rated for each class as passing or failing. If no grade is yet available, the last available grade will be taken for eligibility.
  • If a student is failing two or more classes, he/she will have until Monday (five days) to raise their marks.
  • If a student is still failing two or more classes at the end of the school day on Monday, they will be ineligible for all of that week’s contests until their marks are raised to passing. If a student is failing two courses, either the ones already flagged or different ones, they will remain ineligible. Any ineligible student may not dress nor have any role in all of that week’s contests. The student will be allowed to practice that week only at the head coach’s discretion. The student may also attend games as long as it does not affect them leaving school early to do so.
  • To regain eligibility, the student must raise his/her marks by the following Monday. Academic progress will be pulled from MySchoolApp by a member of the Athletic Department or the Dean of Students.
  • Quarter grades, following PIAA guidelines, shall determine eligibility after their posting. If no grades are given during an eligibility period, eligibility reverts back to the quarter grades.

Participation in athletics is a privilege and a student may be suspended from any activity for discipline issues or other reasons for any length of time. All suspensions of student athletes will be made by the Administration in conjunction with the Athletic Director. Violations of Prep-Villa’s Drug and Alcohol Policy or a positive result on a Random Drug Test incur mandatory suspension from all athletic involvement for the following periods:

1. First offense - two-week suspension
2. Second offense - dismissal from activity due to expulsion
Head coaches also hold the right to administer more stringent team penalties should they elect to do so. If a student violates the Drug and Alcohol Policy while on a school sponsored athletic trip at an athletic contest they will be suspended from that sport for the remainder of the season.