Cathedral Preparatory School
Villa Maria Academy

Tuition & Financial Aid


Tuition Costs for 2019-2020

$10,195 total tuition, this includes an Apple iPad.
An additional $325.00 per non-Catholic student

The actual cost of educating a Cathedral Prep/Villa Maria Academy student is $14,800. This means that every student that attends Prep/Villa receives a $4,605 scholarship. A quality education is an investment in your son/daughter’s future. We strive to keep the cost of this investment as low as possible for the families that we serve. The difference between the actual cost and tuition is made up through continual development efforts.

Financial Aid Program

Students that are applying to Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy may apply for financial aid. There are two primary sources of financial aid. The Erie Diocese grants awards from the Bishop Assistance plan and from the STAR Foundation. These awards range from $350 - $500. Applications must be submitted directly to the Diocese. Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy grant awards from the Cathedral Prep Academic Excellence Foundation, the Cathedral Prep Scholarship Fund (PA Tuition Tax Credit Program), the Villa Maria Academy Academic Excellence Foundation and the Villa Maria Academy Scholarship Fund (PA Tuition Tax Credit Program). These awards range from $250 to $3500. Only two applications need to be completed; one for both Diocesan grants and one for both Prep/Villa grants. To be eligible for Prep/Villa grants, you must apply for Diocesan financial aid. Each parent is also encouraged to inquire at their parish or community organization to determine if they offer any financial aid for high school.