Cathedral Preparatory School
Villa Maria Academy

Shadow Visits

Our Door is Open to YOU!!

You are most welcome to visit Cathedral Prep at the Open House on October 30, 2022 when the entire faculty is on hand to answer your questions about curriculum, admissions, athletics, and entrance exam registration. However, the most helpful tool our students have found in making their high school decision is the "shadow day." This is when an eighth grade student follows the schedule of a current Prep student all day, or "shadows" them. Our students say this is the day that helped them decide to attend Cathedral Prep. Please call to schedule your visit. We're waiting for you!

The following is some information that may be helpful when planning your shadow day.

Visitation Times: 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

  • Transportation: Students must make their own transportation arrangements (unless coming with your grade school group).
  • Dress Code: Students are asked to be dressed neatly; we prefer no jeans or sneakers, and no mid-drift or cut-off shirts. Grade school uniforms are at the discretion of the grade school principal.
  • Lunch: Lunch is provided for all guests free of charge.
  • Guides: If a student would like a specific guide, the student should request that at the time they set up their shadow day. We will do everything possible to honor the student’s request. We will try to honor all guide wishes. If you do not have a specific guide in mind but would like to be placed with someone in one of Prep's three levels of academics - either academic, honors, or advanced placement programs, please let us know that as well. This way, we can better fulfill your needs and expectations.

To schedule a shadow visit, please call Mr. Tim Dougherty '98, Vice President of Enrollment Management, at (814) 453-7737, Ext. 3 or or contact Ms. Christine Uht '13, Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management, either by phone at (814) 453-7737, Ext. 3239 or via e-mail at