Cathedral Preparatory School
Villa Maria Academy

Tech Tips

Notability Backup

Did you know…
A recent update with Notability requires you to enable iCloud backup inside of the app. The regular iCloud backup will not automatically backup your Notability files, and could cause data loss if the iPad is broken.
To enable iCloud syncing:
  • Tap sprocket icon (settings) in the bottom Library toolbar.
  • Tap iCloud syncing.
  • Turn iCloud on.
You can also turn on auto-backup to automatically save files to OneDrive
  • Tap sprocket icon (settings) in the bottom Library toolbar.
  • Tap Manage Accounts
  • Tap the Log in button next to OneDrive
  • Login with your prep-villa email address & password
  • Tap Auto-Backup
  • Tap OneDrive
  • You can customize the OneDrive settings, or accept the default option and tap Close

Office 365

Did you know…

Faculty, Staff and Students not only have access to Office 365, but can also install the apps/programs on up to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets and 5 smartphones?

The apps/programs available include, but are not limited to:

  • Word- word processing software (similar to Pages)
  • PowerPoint- presentation software (similar to Keynote)
  • Excel- spreadsheets software (similar to Numbers)
  • Outlook – email & calendar software
  • OneNote – digital notebook to organize your notes into subjects and sections, also gives you the ability to draw on your notes
  • OneDrive – file storage/backup- gives you the ability to access your files from any internet ready device (similar to iCloud)

You will sign into these apps using your Prep-Villa email account. We encourage all users to use OneDrive as a file backup, to prevent loss of important data. Each installation of Office 365 will be licensed as long as you have a valid email address. If you were to graduate or leave the school, the software will be rendered read only and you will no longer have access to your email or OneDrive.

Please contact your nearest technology department with any questions regarding your Office 365 account.

iPad Keyboard

Did you know…

You can split or move the iPad keyboard. One way to split the keyboard is by dragging your thumbs in opposite directions from the center of the keyboard. Another way is by holding the keyboard icon, then selecting split or undock. Once the keyboard is split or undocked, you can reposition the keyboard on the screen by holding the same keyboard icon and dragging it to a place that meets your needs.

 Normal docked keyboard:

 Split keyboard:

 Undocked keyboard:

 You can also watch the attached screen recording for a demo on docking/undocking, and splitting/merging then moving the keyboard.