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iPad Repairs

Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria will take care of all warranty claim issues.

Technology Center Process to Handle Repairs:

Student (or faculty member) must provide the Technology Center with the following Information to help with the repair: their name, graduation year, and a description of the problem.

Some general questions are listed below.
• Did you receive an error message?
• Have you tried restarting the iPad?
• Have you loaded any new apps?
• Have you made any changes to the system settings?
• Does the error occur when you are using a specific app or is it random?

If it is a software issue, and it can be fixed in 5 minutes, the repair will be performed immediately.

If it is a software issue and cannot be fixed within 10 minutes, you will be asked go back to class and return later.

If the problem is a hardware issue:
• A loaner iPad will be provided
• The iPad will be sent out for repair.

Students should not ask to leave class. iPad problems should be taken care of between classes, at lunch time or before or after school.