Cathedral Preparatory School
Villa Maria Academy


What type of case can be used with iPad?

We have provided all students with an OtterBox case. We feel this will provide adequate protection for the iPad. The device is not waterproof so please be sure to it away from liquids. You must keep this case on the iPad at all times. The case has a one year warranty against defects in workmanship, should the case become damaged during that time; please stop by the Technology Center.

Can we use our own AppleID?

Students will be provided with a managed Apple ID to use for backing up files with iCloud. All apps to download will come from a custom App Catalog that doesn’t require an Apple ID.

Which apps are allowed?

Only apps that have educational purposes should be installed on the iPad.

Can we use the Messages App?

The Messages app will be blocked during school hours and should not be used, for the same reasons cell phones are not permitted during the school day.

Will the camera be enabled?

Yes, use of the camera will be available, as we believe it has beneficial educational purposes. Any student found to be abusing the camera will have it turned off, and disciplinary action will be taken. Please refer to the terms of use agreement that needs to be signed prior to iPad pickup.

Can parents enable further restrictions on the device?

Yes, parents are able to turn on Restrictions on the iPad. There are detailed instructions here: Parents will want to remember the password for this setup. The only way to remove a forgotten password is to restore the iPad to the original settings, which will erase all data from the iPad.

Is there a warranty on the iPads?

All iPads have the AppleCare+ warranty. The warranty will cover hardware repairs on the iPad for 3 years. The AppleCare+ warranty also provides accidental coverage for 2 instances. Each accidental claim will require a $49 deductible be paid to Apple for the repair. Any subsequent damages, or damages not covered by the AppleCare+ warranty will require a replacement iPad be purchased.

Are the iPads leased or purchased?

All iPads are on a three year lease, and are considered property of the school. 

When a student transfers out of Prep or Villa, what happens to the iPad?

The iPad is the property of the school. Whether a student graduates or transfers out, the iPad must be returned to the school in good, working condition – the same way that textbooks and other school property must be returned. Otherwise, student transcripts will not be released or sent to the other school. The student may purchase the iPad at fair market value or he/she will be assessed the cost of the iPad, case, warranty & charger if it is not returned. This iPad cost and all other debt must be paid in full in order for records to released.

Are students permitted to keep their iPads over the summer?

Yes. However, all outstanding debts (tuition and all other debt to the school) must be paid prior to the end of the school year before a student may take his/her iPad home for the summer. If there are any outstanding debts, the student will not be permitted to take his/her iPad home for the summer.

Will students be monitored/filtered on the Internet?

We will still be able to filter and monitor iPad Internet usage during the school day. We have explored many options and are unable to find a solution for monitoring/filtering Internet usage at home. Parents will be responsible for keeping an eye on student activity at home.

Is there tracking software installed on the iPads?

All iPads are enrolled in our Mobile Device Management software. Students do not have the ability to remove the profiles; doing so will remove their access to the wireless at school, and our ability to track the location of a lost iPad. In addition, any required apps pushed out to the devices will be removed, as well as the files stored inside of those apps. It is strongly recommended that students do not attempt to remove the profiles. Disciplinary action may also be taken.

Will insurance be provided on the iPads for lost or stolen devices?

There is an optional insurance policy available for lost or stolen devices. The family will need to pay for a replacement iPad in the event it is lost or stolen and they didn’t pay the optional fee.

Can the iPad be used to check email?

The iPads will be used to check school issued email. Students will have the ability to setup their personal email accounts through the mail app, however this email will not be available during the school day.

What is my email address?

The naming convention for email addresses are firstname.lastname@prepā€

Can printing be done with the iPads?

We have configured the network to allow student printing. There is a limit to 100 pages per semester. Additional print credit can be added to the student account by visiting the Finance Office. For the iPad to print at home, a printer with AirPrint must be available.

How long will the battery in the iPad last?

A charged iPad will last roughly 10 hours. All students are required to come to school with a charged iPad. The power cables are not long enough and therefore should not be used in the classroom. The Technology center will not have chargers available for use in the event a student forgets to charge the iPad. The AppleCare+ warranty will cover batteries that have depleted to 50% or below.

What are the document storage options with the iPad?

There will be a good amount of storage for files on the iPads as we have leased the 32GB model. Students will also have access to eBackback. This app allows personal and group storage for assignments, handouts and homework. eBackpack files will also be accessible on an internet connected computer. The Apple iCloud can also be used for file storage.

Will all textbooks be installed on the iPad?

Yes, all textbooks will be available on the iPad so students do not need to carry books around.

Can the iPads be used to type papers and reports?

The iPad has a touch screen keyboard that can be used for typing papers or other projects. While most students will likely adapt to using this type of keyboard, some students may prefer to use an optional keyboard, which may be purchased separately by the student.

What should students do if they have problems with their iPad?

Students should stop by the Technology Center with any problems they have with their iPad. These problems can range from hardware issues, to damaged devices, connectivity issues, or apps that are not functioning properly.

What do I need to do with my iPad before the first day of school?

Students will need to download the apps that are required for their classes from the custom App Catalog. The ideal time to do this is at home before school starts.