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Air Force Junior ROTC Q&A

Not your normal class: Learn to FOLLOW, leave to LEAD!

The purpose of Air Force JROTC is to develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community. The course is a blend of academics, leadership-building, community service, physical fitness, and FUN!

We must be doing something right as JROTC has seen a huge growth over the last four years, from 78 to 135. We currently are projected to have over 120 students in the program for the 2019-2020 academic year, which is about 25% of the entire Cathedral Prep student body and 5% at Villa Maria Academy.

We realize students have many questions or concerns about JROTC. Here are the most common:

Question: Do I have to join the military?

Answer: Despite what you hear, JROTC is not a military recruiting tool. There is no obligation to enlist. In fact, most cadets in JROTC do not end up joining the military. However, if you are interested in a military career, we will certainly help you.

Question: Do I have to do push-ups all day?

Answer: No. While physical fitness is a part of the program, it is not an everyday requirement.

Concern: I play a sport and therefore will not be able to take the class.

Answer: 85% of our cadets play a sport and are able to enjoy all the activities that JROTC offers..

Question: Do I have to do a lot of events outside of the classroom?

Answer:  yes and no. We do require every cadet to do 2 events every quarter but many can be done right before or after the school day.

Question: What if I can’t afford the cost of the uniform?

Answer: The uniform is free of charge and it is the exact same uniform worn every day by active-duty Air Force personnel. You wear the uniform once a week.

So, whether you want to learn to be a leader, or to take an alternative to World History, be part of a new tradition at Villa, become part of a family, or to find out a little bit more about the military, Junior ROTC is the course to take.