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Air Force Junior ROTC Awards

Air Force JROTC 2018-2019 Distinguished Unit with Merit Award

MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE, Ala. – Unit PA-931 at Cathedral Prep has been selected as one of 102 units to receive the 2018-2019 Air Force JROTC Distinguished Unit with Merit Award. This award recognizes Air Force JROTC units that have performed well above and beyond normal expectations, and that have distinguished themselves through outstanding service to their school and community while meeting the Air Force JROTC citizen development mission for America.

The objectives of the Air Force JROTC program are to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship and life skills; promote community service; instill responsibility, character, and self-discipline through character education, and to provide instruction in air and space fundamentals. Enrollment is open to high school students who are in the 9th to 12th grades.

Air Force JROTC is located in close to 900 high schools across the United States and at selected schools in Europe, in the Pacific, and in Puerto Rico. Air Force JROTC enrollment includes more than 120,000 cadets who do over 1.6 million hours of community service each year.


2018-2019 PA-931 AFJROTC AWARDS

Cathedral Prep AFJROTC celebrated a successful end of its 25th year on April 30th at its annual awards ceremony. Over 200 friends and relatives attended the annual celebration which culminated in the time-honored Change of Command, bidding farewell to cadet Robert Boland who turned over the reins to cadet Christian Girts.

During the ceremony, Colonel Fournier announced Prep JROTC had been awarded the AFJROTC Headquarters Distinguished Unit with Merit Award for 2019. The awards portion of the program culminated with recognition of graduating seniors. “This is an outstanding group of students, truly a pleasure to work with this past school year,” Master Sergeant Sambuchino, Aerospace Science Instructor, said during his remarks to the family, friends, and guests assembled for the program.

Father Jabo, and twenty national civic organizations provided individual recognition awards to the 110 cadets. Some of these organizations included the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Free Masons, Sons of the American Revolution, Air Force Sergeant Association, Air Force Association, Military Order of World Wars, the Military Order of the Purple Heart, and Reserve Officer Association.

Cadet Ethan Junkin was awarded AFJROTC Highest Award, the Distinguished Cadet Badge and he will also serve as the Orange Commandos’ Squadron Deputy Commanding Officer for next school year

Recipients of awards are as follows:

Distinguished Air Force Junior ROTC Cadet Badge- Ethan Junkin- Class of 2020

Outstanding Cadet Ribbon- Robert Boland-‘19, Christian Girts-‘20, Stephen Campbell-‘21, and Collin Hudson-‘22

Leadership Ribbon-‚Äč Joseph Fournier-‘22, Nubahimana Gerard-‘20, Nash Jones-‘20, Jack Jones-‘21, Alex Purchase-‘21, and Daniel Tometsko-‘20

Superior Performance Ribbon- Elijah Andrea-‘22, Evan Brown-‘21, Dorian Crosby-‘20, Isaac Junkin-‘21, Lukas Koket-‘22, Griffin Irving-‘22, Amani Moore-‘22, Gabe Morales-‘20, Tamar Sample-‘21, Jaden Williams-‘22, and Francis Xie-‘20 

Aerospace Education Foundation Badge- Class of 2020-Daniel Cooper, LAmoureux, Trayshawn, Gerard Nubahimana, Christin Girts, Joseph Gusek, Ethan Junkin, Mitchell Sweeney, and John Michael-Yurisic

Air Force Association Award- Christian Girts (Class of 2020)

Order of the Dandelions- Ethan Junkin (Class of 2020)

American Legion Scholastic Award- John-Michael Yurisic (Class of 2020)

American Legion General Military Excellence Award- Nubahimana Gerard (Class of 2020)

American Legion Keystone Boys State- Class of 2020 (Christian Girts, Guy Glendening, Ethan Junkin, and Daniel Tometsko)

American Legion Essay Certificate Elijah Hunt (Class of 2022)

American Legion Oratorical Certificate- Ethan Junkin (Class of 2020)

American Veterans Award- Trayshawn L’Amoureux (Class of 2020)

Reserve Officers Association- Robert Boland (Class of 2019)

The Military Officer’s of the World Wars- Ethan Schattner (Class of 2021)

Military Officer’s Association of America- Daniel Tometsko (Class of 2020)

Veterans of Foreign Wars Bronze Award- Mitchell Sweeney (Class of 2020)

Military Order of the Purple Heart- Nash Jones (Class of 2020)

The Air Force Sergeants Association -  Daniel Cooper (Class of 2020)

Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated- Austin Golab (Class of 2022) and Collin Hudson (Class of 2022)

The Air Commando Association- Alexander Purchase (Class of 2021) and Joseph Reynolds (Class of 2021)

The Sons of the American Legion Award- Elliot Dippel (Class of 2020)

National Sojourners Award – Mark Hudson (Class of 2021)

Sons of the American Revolution - Conner Rosenbaum (Class of 2021)

Scottish Rite, Americanism Award-  Dorian Crosby (Class of 2020)

The American Legion Riders Award- Guy Glendenning (Class of 2020)

The American Legion Auxiliary Award- Nicholas Cacchione (Class of 2020)

Longevity and the Good Conduct Award- Class of 2019-Luke Bongiorno, Grant Brown, Jordan Covatto, Christian Kakulu, Payton Keister, Michael Keller, Evan Selker, Matthew Zimmerman. Class of 2020-Jordan Adams, Sam Alnaama, Devon Barnett, Jacob Brumett, Matthew Gaeta, Joseph Gusek, Gabe Morales, Luke Pollifrone, Kaden Swanson, Hunter Tirpak. Class of 2021-Jaheim Bassham, Evan Brown, Roy Buchanan, Stephen Campbell, Mijaun Clark, Maclain Detrick, Philip Ferrare, William Galla, Jack Jones, Isaac Junkin, Landon Kalie, Vitaliy Melkumov, Donavyn Munoz, Tamar Sample, Hunter Sunafrank, Ryan Tomczak, Kyle Tran, Phillip Tran, Maurice Troop, Cole Wisniewski, Francis Xie, Ben Zhang. Class of 2022-Charles Agresti, Elijah Andrea, Avery Ball, Joseph Fournier, Laith Ghazalah, Mitchell Hamm, Colin Holmes, Tai Hopkins, Elijah Hunt, Griffin Irving, Lukas Koket, Stephen Lebron, Shamri Lofton, Tyrone Lowery, Nicholas McCarthy, Carmelo McLaurin, Mason Orlando, Michael Parks, Jacob Pollock, Rijah Pruzenski, Caden Pustelak, Andrew Roach, Joseph Santone, Kyle Sargent, Kamen Smith, Trenton Sunafrank, Jaden Williams

Longevity Award- Class of 2019-Alexander Baldi, Logan Bisbee, Brendan Eisinger, Gonzalo Fandino, Dakota Pieri, Ian Sitzler, Keegan Welka, Isaiah Zbach. Class of 2021-Nicholas Carson, X’Zonder Goodwin, Jacob Lewicki, Isaac Mendes, Caleb Noble, Jack Regal, Isaac Spilko, Jaheim Williams. Class of 2022-Pepe Buchanan, Charlie Giambrone, Jose Hernandez, Samuel Kakulu, Amani Moore, Jermaine Selby.