Cathedral Preparatory School
Villa Maria Academy

Air Force JROTC

The mission of Air Force Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (AF JROTC) is to “Develop citizens of character, dedicated to serving their nation and community” with the following stated goals:

To instill:

  • The value of citizenship
  • Service to the United States
  • Personal responsibility
  • A sense of accomplishment

This mission and accompanying goals combine with the Air Force’s Core Values of “Integrity, Service before Self, and Excellence in All You Do” to clearly support Cathedral Prep’s mission to create young men of “Spirit, Mind, and Body.”

We aim to educate and train our high school cadets in citizenship; to promote community service; to instill responsibility, character, and self-discipline; and to provide first-class instruction in Global and Cultural Studies, the principals of flight, National Defense Policies and Leadership, Management, and Character Education.

Specific objectives of the AF JROTC program are:

  • 21st Century Themes of Global Awareness, Civic Literacy, Health Literacy, Financial Literacy
  • Life skills of Leadership, Social Interaction, Personal Accountability, Personal Initiative & Flexibility
  • 21st Century Skills of Problem Solving, Communication and Creativity

In concert with the school’s stated college preparatory role, we have tailored the 4-year AF JROTC curriculum to meet academic requirements and student interests.

During their junior and senior years, cadets can earn up to 6 hours of college credit through on-line classes with the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, as specified below.

Tuition Cost$240 per three-credit course (includes registration fees).

PSC 1510 - Leadership for the Next Generation: Citizenship and Community Service

Due in 2019:

HIST xxxx - American History

James Fournier USAF (retired) M.S.I.R., M.S.S.I.

James Fournier USAF (retired) M.S.I.R., M.S.S.I.

Titles: Senior Aerospace Science Instructor, Global & Cultural Studies 1 & 2, Aerospace Science 3 & 4
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Locations: Cathedral Prep
Departments: ROTC
Richard Sambuchino B.S.

Richard Sambuchino B.S.

Titles: Leadership Education 1, 2, 3 and 4, Military Drill and Color Guard
Degrees: B.S.
Roles: Faculty & Staff
Locations: Cathedral Prep
Departments: ROTC