Cathedral Preparatory School
Villa Maria Academy


Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy's curriculum is an integrated, four year program of study designed to provide a solid secondary education and to satisfy the most exacting requirements for entrance into colleges and universities across the globe. Cathedral Prep and Villa Maria Academy form a college preparatory school in that it prepares the students for the next step in a continuous educational process, but more importantly, it is a valuable experience in growth,-intellectual, physical, moral and most of all, spiritual. The academic side of the experience can be more clearly evaluated and is reported to the parents every nine weeks through progress reports. Grades in all courses are weighted according to difficulty of a course through the use of a quality point system. This provides an equitable method of determining scholastic honors. Honors Assemblies are held at the conclusion of the first three quarters of the academic year; all students who obtain a 93% and above are awarded a scholastic first honors card. Those students who attain grades of 85% and above in their core academic classes are awarded a scholastic second honors card.

Courses of Study

Advanced Placement

College level courses offered to able, ambitious students and designed to address the material covered in the Advanced Placement Examinations of the College Board, through which students can earn college credit while in high school.


College preparatory courses which require advanced work or in-depth study beyond regular academic requirements.


College preparatory courses which meet the average standards of college entrance requirements.

Graduation Requirements


A minimum of 29.0 credits is required for graduation from Cathedral Preparatory School and Villa Maria Academy. These credits shall include:
Business, Computer, Information Technology 1.0 Credit
Health & Physical Education 1.0 Credit
Language Arts 4.0 Credits
SAT/College Prep 0.5 Credits
Mathematics 4.0 Credits
Music, Visual, Performing Arts 1.0 Credit
Science 4.0 Credits
Social Studies 4.0 Credits
Theology 4.0 Credits
World Languages 2.0 Credits
General Electives 4.5 Credits



  • Twenty-Five (25) service hours each of the four years. 
  • Students are required to take the SAT and/or the ACT exam.
  • Seniors are required to be accepted to a 4-year college.