WELCOME TO VILLA! Now it’s time to learn about how YOU can get involved. The clubs and organizations of the school have prepared this booklet for you. Please take a few minutes to read about the clubs, membership requirements and meeting times. A good club needs active members. Some activities offer membership to anyone interested; others have membership requirements. You will receive an interest survey to complete regarding the clubs you would like to know more about.

Academic Sports League

Students in this club prepare to compete in the United States Academic Decathlon. Students compete in literature, art, music, math, science, interview, essay, super quiz, social studies and speech. There is an assigned theme and readings that change each year. There are numerous scholarship opportunities connected with this competition. Any students in grades 9-12 may join. We compete in the 3 local competitions. We have practices, but students should also be prepared to study on their own. If you enjoy the challenge of academic work, this club may be for you. Please contact Mrs. Dobson in the library if you are interested.

Bio-Ethics Club

Ms. Fuhrman

The Bio-Ethics Club is designed to allow students to discuss views on politics, religion, and science in a safe and fun environment. Students will be reviewing and discussing current, hard-hitting topics as well as viewing current programs that push the boundaries of science and religion. All are welcome to take part in this amazing journey through ethics! Please join us for food, friends, and bio-ethics awesomeness!

Bowling Club

Any student that would like to bowl is invited to join the Bowling Club every other Wednesday after school at Rolling Meadows on 32nd and Zuck. The cost is 3 games for $6.00 and equipment rental is free. We will have a party at the end of the year. All students in grades 9-12 are invited to join. You may join at anytime throughout the season. See Mr. Bell if you would like to join and need a ride.

Campus Ministry

The campus ministry program coordinates all aspects of the faith life of our school community. While a student board of seniors facilitates the program with Mr. Durney, there are numerous ways you can be involved as an underclassmen. You can participate in being a server or reader at mass, attend the VMA youth group, join the VMA prayer team, or attend events sponsored by the diocese and supported by our school.

Chemistry Club

Chemistry club is a group of students focused on work in the Chemistry laboratory. We will choose experiments and carry them out as a group. Students will learn and use basic laboratory techniques and processes. Meetings will be held once per month in the Chemistry lab, room 307. You do not need to have had Chemistry to join!! Questions please see Mrs. Stubenbort.

Chinese Culture Club

Mr. Durney

This club will bring you into a world that you never knew and help you learn about a totally new and different culture. In this club, students from China will help you truly understand and feel the Chinese culture. We will teach you Chinese customs, traditions, and common phenomenon in society. We will also teach you how to read and to use a brush pen to write Chinese. We will teach you how to cook Chinese food. This club will meet biweekly. You will only need ten dollars to join this club. Please come join us!!!! We are sure you will have fun and gain plenty of knowledge.

French Club

Mr. Baier

If you are taking French as a foreign language and if you are interested in the French culture, this might be the club for you. We will also discuss plans to visit a French speaking country in the future.

Green Team

Would you like to make an impact in the Erie community as well as here at VMA? As a member of the “Green Team” you can work toward improving your carbon footprint and being a good steward of creation. We will organize competitions between the classes as well as the faculty and staff. If interested in building a more sustainable earth, see Mrs. Stubenbort in Room 307.


Mr. Durney

Interact is a Rotary-sponsored service club for young people ages 14 – 18. The program gives young people an opportunity to participate in fun, meaningful service projects while developing leadership skills and meeting new friends.

Through service activities, Interactors learn the importance of:

- Developing leadership skills and personal integrity

- Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others and advancing international understanding and goodwill.

International Thespian Society

Mr. Alesso

The International Thespian Society (ITS) is an honorary organization for high school theatre students. Membership into ITS is earned by participating in our school’s theatre program and accumulating points for membership. High school students in grades 9 through 12 who have been inducted into ITS are known as Thespians. The International Thespian Society allows VMA to recognize the achievement of theatre students through induction into ITS. Because this is a national organization there is a one-time student dues of $22. Members receive a one-year subscription to Dramatics magazine (nine issues, September through May), and Scholarship and grant eligibility. Thespians receive the highest recognition to those who have demonstrated commitment and excellence in their school’s theatre program—induction into the world’s largest theatre honor society. Being inducted entitles the student to a lifetime membership, the active benefits of which last through high school or middle school graduation. Upon graduation from high school, Thespians become Thespian Alumni, members for life.

Model UN

Mrs. Meleason

The Villa Model UN Club is a participating member of the Gannon University Model UN program. Each year Gannon assigns Villa and other participating schools a nation to represent at their Model UN session in November. Starting in September, the delegates from area schools attend evening bloc meetings to formulate proposals for consideration at the Gannon UN session. In November schools from Erie, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Canada, gather for a Friday evening and all-day Saturday session of the UN at Gannon. Prizes and scholarships are awarded to individuals and delegations at the session. Participating in Villa's Model UN means learning about other countries, current issues and peaceful coexistence, as well as good times and new friendships with a variety of delegates from different schools. The club meets after school (September through November) and one evening during the week (7:00-9:00) October through November).

Music Ministry

Mr. Alesso

Music Ministry is made up of students and staff who serve the Villa community by planning and leading the music for liturgies and paralitergies. We also lead the music at the Baccalaureate Mass and Mary’s Day. We welcome both vocalists and instrumentalists to share their talents! We are open to all students. Listen to the announcements for practice times.

National Art Honor Society

Mrs. Alesso

Do you love to make art? Are you interested in showing the world your beautiful artwork? Then NAHS may be the place for you! The National Art Honor Society is a national organization designed for high school students to use art to educate and involve their community, both school and local, in the process of creating artwork. Once you have taken a minimum of one semester of an art class, you are eligible to join NAHS. You must have earned no less than a 90% in that course, and you must maintain an average GPA of 3.0 or higher. Freshmen may apply to join after the fall semester; upperclass students may apply at anytime, however, students will only be inducted in the spring of the current school year. Please see Mrs. Alesso for applications or with questions.

National Honor Society

Ms. Seng

The National Honor Society is an organization of students who possess the qualities of scholarship, leadership, character and service. The NHS at Villa functions as an exemplary service organization, encouraging members to be involved in several annual school and community projects. Some activities include a Blood Drive, a Spring Fashion Show, Adopt-a-Highway three times a year, and Honors Assemblies.

NHS selection procedure

Membership in the National Honor Society is a privilege, not a right. Students do not apply for membership in the National Honor Society; rather, they provide information to be used by the National Honor Society Faculty Council to support their candidacy for membership. Selection to the National Honor Society is based on four criteria: scholarship, leadership, character and service.

During the third quarter, sophomores and juniors attaining a cumulative GPA of 4.0 receive a letter regarding their scholastic eligibility for membership. There will be a mandatory meeting for all students who received a letter. At the meeting, students will receive a Student Activity Form that must be submitted by the deadline; they will also receive guided instruction on how to complete these forms. No forms will be accepted after the deadline.

Faculty and administration evaluate students on their service, character and leadership, and the National Honor Society Faculty Council will review all evaluations and select students for membership. Membership in National Honor Society is not automatically granted to all students with academic eligibility. Faculty Council also considers students’ disciplinary and attendance records. The components of leadership, character and service are equally important.

Students will be notified by mail of the selection decision. Students who are selected to National Honor Society will receive information about the induction ceremony and the obligations of membership in NHS. Students not selected, will also be notified by mail.

Nature Club

This club will help us explore and enjoy the wonderful nature around us. The activities in this club include hiking, biking, fishing, sled riding, playing volleyball at the beach, and environmental clean-up service. We will add more activities as the club grows. Activities will take place once a week and the days may vary from between weekdays and weekends so that we can have more time to hang out with each other. Most activities will be free of charge but some might have a small fee. If you are a person who loves and revels deeply in the nature, then come join this group.

Pep Club

Mr. Bell

Pep Club! Pep Club!" Hear all about it! If you bleed blue and white, the Pep Club is for you! Sign up today for more information.

"Hey all you Victor fans, stand up and clap your hands. Now that you got the groove," it's time to sign up for Pep Club!

Photography Club

Mr. Pohl

If you like to photograph people, places and things then this club is for you. The Photography Club will meet once a month after school to talk about ongoing topics in photography. We will also take trips around Erie to cover as many styles of images we can capture. The trips will be once a month on the weekend. Students will learn different ways to use their camera to generate the best quality and artistic image possible.

Ski Club

Mr. Pohl

If you like the outdoors and snowy weather, then the Ski Club is the organization for you! Membership is open to all interested students. Students ride a chartered bus to ski at Peek'n Peak on eight Friday evenings beginning in January. Detailed information regarding times and cost will be given to all interested students at the mandatory meeting in October.

Spanish Club

Mrs. Linan

Do you want to become fluent in Spanish? Immerse yourself in Spanish language and culture through Spanish movies, music dances, and cuisine. Come prepared to have fun giving back to the local Spanish community. Members will have the opportunity to experience a new culture by traveling to Costa Rica. ¡Te esperamos! ¡Sé parte del club de español.

Speech and Debate Team

Fr. Hahn

Learn how to win arguments and influence people! Even your parents! Join the Speech and Debate Club and never lose an argument again! Villa belongs to the National Catholic Forensic League and this year will join the Pennsylvania High School Speech League. Both leagues host tournaments which lead to the opportunity to qualify for the State Tournament and the National Tournament. Debaters will also attend tournaments in Pittsburgh and at high schools in our regions. Students may compete in Public Forum Debate (2-person debate on questions of public policy) or Lincoln Douglas Debate (one person debate.) The Speech and Debate Club meets one day a week after school and tournaments occur at various times throughout the year beginning in October. You may receive credit for speech class if you participate on this team.

Stage Crew

Mr. Pohl

Consider joining the staff that runs the soundboard, light system computer, curtains, and moving spotlight for all performances and liturgies as well as assisting on stage. See Mr. Pohl for more information.

Student Council

Mrs. Walker

Student Council acts as a liaison between the student body and Administration. Although the positions of officers, home room representatives and members-at large are elected by the students, there are numerous opportunities for student involvement. All Student Council meetings are open to students, and everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate in all our activities and programs such as Homecoming, Lip Sync, Pride Month—to mention a few. We serve you!

Show Choir

The Villa Maria Show Choir performs Broadway songs, pop tunes and jazz numbers. We also present “dance breaks" within our vocal numbers. The Show Choir performs in annual Christmas and Spring MVP Department Concerts, along with the instrumental ensembles at Cathedral Prep. The Show Choir also performs at the annual Winter Review concert, which features the choir and its members. Music from stage and screen was the focus of this year’s Winter Review. Many of the members of the choir also participate in Music Ministry and take their improved performing skills to the school musicals.

Theatre Program

Fr. Mike/Mr. Alesso

Villa is chalked full of students who are gifted in the art of performance. Because of this, we offer four theatrical productions each academic year. If you can act, sing and/or dance, this is the extracurricular activity for you! If you have a talent for the visual arts, you can get involved in designing and creating the sets used in these productions. And, if you have the talent to work back stage or in the orchestra pit, the school musical is the place for you! The more students that get involved, the better the productions. Everyone is welcome!

Whiz Kids

Whiz Kids is a group of students who participate in Jeopardy-style trivia competitions. All students are welcome to join; we need people with knowledge of everything from science to pop culture who enjoy the fun of "buzzing in" with the answer.


This course teaches the techniques, skills, theories and application of layout, design and writing for the purpose of producing the school yearbook, Eschaton. It is a course requiring a strong understanding of writing skills, photography skills, and/or the basics of design. Students will be required to produce pages within assigned sections under the direction of section editors, the copy editor, the layout editor, the editor-in-chief, and the instructor/advisor. The meeting of deadlines with assigned pages is of utmost priority and will be a major factor in student evaluation. This is a production-based course requiring 100% participation of all of its members.

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